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  • What is a wiki?
    • A website...
    • ...that you can WRITE as well as READ.
  • How does it work?
    • Let's use something familiar as an example: Wikipedia
      • Entries on Toussaint L'Overture in different languages
      • ...how were these entries built? Who wrote them? What's on the tabs?
    • A wiki in action: Editing the Toussaint entry.
  • Why would you want to use this? Let's see some examples.
    1. A teacher-created site to share information and resources with a class.
    2. A teacher-organized, student-created site to share and edit research.
    3. A teacher-organized, student-created site to develop branching narratives.
    4. A set of writing portfolios.
  • And now let's use one: going to the lab, logging in, editing your page.
  • When would you want to use this?
    • Teacher-centered use
      • ... to share info, links, and materials quickly & flexibly
      • Can be purely administrative (what's due when) or instructional (linking to resources to be used in lessons)
    • Student-centered uses
      • ... if students need to write
      • ...and sharing and/or collaboration are important.
      • Students can also use wikis to organize information 


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