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Sandra Dalencour

Page history last edited by sandra dalencour 11 years, 10 months ago

Question to be answered on Thursday, 25 Sept 2008


Out of everything you currently teach, what is ONE concept that your students struggle with?


Your answer: My students are struggling with rounding (estimation). Most of them are not able to remember the different scales and when to apply a particular one. For example 489 rounded to the nearest 10 becomes 490. Whereas 489 rounded to the nearest hundred becomes 500. The same number rounded to the nearest thousand becomes 0.

How do I teach my expected standards for this skill when they cannot even place a number on a number line?













Question to be answered at the end of the day (Thursday, 25 September 2008):


Look back at your answer to the prompt from this morning. (It should be at the top of this page.) Which technology (if any) do you think you might be able to use to best address this concept? How would you teach this?



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