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Working with digital images and digital video


We all use these in our own lives, and our students certainly do as well. We all capture and share visuals.

What can be done inside of class? Capturing and sharing your own, searching others’ shared material.


First activity: 5-picture charades

  • Sharing results from lunchtime
    • Group 1
    • ...many, many thanks to the volunteers!!
  • And as a reference, here are some images from doing this activity with college students. The image sizes are far too large (I need to re-size them), so only try this if you have a good connection or a lot of time


Second activity: Using Windows Movie Maker to turn these images into a movie.


26 September 2008


Thinking about technology in the content areas, using digital images and video as the example

  • PowerPoint used
    • Science example: Egg-in-the-bottle experiment (via SITE screening room)
    • Math example: Screencapture of long division (to come -- I need to reduce the file size to make this practical).
    • Language arts (or foreign language, ESOL, etc.): Ad analysis example (via Google Video).
    • American History example about Japanese-American internment (via PrimaryAccess).
  • Additional resources
    • Video editing tools you can use
      • For Windows systems (both are free downloads if you don't have them already)
      • For Macintosh systems -- these used to be free, but I think you have to buy them now as part of iLife.
        • iMovie.
        • iPhoto.
      • On the web
    • Video
      • I assume you are familiar with YouTube,
      • ...how about TeacherTube?
      • And note the features of channels and groups, supporting files, etc.
    • Images
    • Book referenced during presentation (via Amazon).



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